Kitsap Sea Kayaking Committee

Kitsap Sea Kayaking Committee

Kitsap Mountaineer Sea Kayakers

Welcome to the Kitsap Mountaineer Sea Kayaking homepage.  We are a group of folks who have fun playing on/in the water in our kayaks.  We believe that paddling is more fun when it is safe and that safety is built on knowledge and skills.  Sea kayaking has many facets: Some of us prefer paddling on flat water in warm weather and others prefer playing in moving and dynamic water; sometimes we may seek the serenity that comes with quietly paddling the back waters of a bay or inlet, and at other times we might want the excitement of playing in currents or surf or exploring rocky shoals and sea stacks on the coast.   We paddle all over Western Washington and beyond -- in waters ranging from Liberty Bay to Budd Inlet to Deception Pass to the ocean.  You might find us on the Columbia in Eastern Washington or on the Oregon coast or off of Vancouver Island.  We plan and lead at least two trips a month and, as a members of the Mountaineers, we sometimes go on trips put on by one of the other branches - Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, and Olympia. And, in addition to paddles, we conduct several classes and clinics every year so that paddlers who want to can increase their skills and thus the places they can safely have fun paddling.

Check out the photos at to see what we do.

You can look at the trips and other activities we have on the calendar here: Kitsap Sea Kayaking activities.

And you can check out the calendared sea kayak activities of all of the Mountaineer branches here: All Sea Kayaking activities for the Mountaineers.

In order to paddle with the Mountaineers, one must be a member of the Mountaineers and either successfully complete a Mountaineer Basic Sea Kayaking class or demonstrate that one has knowledge and skills at least equivalent to that of a graduate of our basic class.  More information concerning the Basic Class and Equivalency Evaluations as well as a list of essential kayaking gear, the Mountaineers' sea kayak trip rating matrix, and other information pertinent to our activities follows this introduction.

Please contact me (I prefer email) if you have any questions about our sea kayak program or about the Mountaineers in general.


Barney Bernhard
Chair, Kitsap Mountaineer Sea Kayakers


The date of our next sea kayaking class has yet to be determined.  


For more information about an equivalency evaluation, contact Barney Bernhard at