Kitsap Basic Alpine Climbing

Kitsap Basic Alpine Climbing

 Our Basic Alpine Climbing Course has a small class size allowing for detailed one-on-one instruction and opportunities for mentorship. The Kitsap Basic Climbing Course is a Spring and Summer Course.  Registrations will open towards the beginning of the calendar year.  Read below about last year's course to get an idea of the course experience.   


  • Course Fee and participants need to be members of the Mountaineers. What this includes; what it’s for

    • Access to classroom and field sessions for up to two years before graduate status achieved

    • Access to Mountaineer-sponsored climbs for up to two years before graduate status achieved

    • Funds Kitsap’s Basic Climbing Program budget for gear and equipment provided for students

    • Contributes to the overall club infrastructure - staff, on-line services

    • Funds the cost of meeting locations

  • $35. Freedom of the Hills, 9th Edition. Paperback; or

  • $70 - Navigation Course (positions will be reserved for Basic and Scramble students)
  • Approximately $175. Alpine First Aid Course. To be scheduled by the participant in addition to course schedule.

  • Gear purchases that meet course standards. $500-$1500.

Expectations to Participate on Sponsored Climbs

  • Complete all classroom sessions

  • Complete all field sessions

  • Obtain required gear by date required.

  • Pass all skill tests

  • Pass a conditioning test

Other Fees. Optional.

  • WA State. Discover Pass for each vehicle parking in state parks or DNR recreation sites.

    • Annual - $30

    • Daily - $10

  • Federal Lands. Entrance and parking only. Not camping.

    • Annual Interagency for all federal entrances and parking. $80.

    • National Park. $30 annual. $5-$15 daily.

    • Backcountry Camping Permits. $5 per group. $2/person/night.

  • Climbing Permits

    • Mt Rainier. $44/person 25 and older annual. $31/person 24 and younger.

    • Mt. St. Helens. $22/person. April 1-October 31.