Climbing Self Rescue-1 - 2024

Climbing Course

Climbing Self Rescue-1

Learn movement on rope skills useful in rescue situations. Practice raising and lowering systems, rope capture to pass knots during raise or lower, and small party rescue scenarios. Understand the T-method of determining mechanical advantage and forces on anchors. Construct Purcell Prusik.

This convening will be used to support Rope Leader qualification for Kitsap Intermediate Course Students with priority given to those already scheduled as rope leads on early season climbs. Dependent on need, another convening will be offered in the late June or July.

The Kitsap Climbing  Self Rescue module teaches small group self rescue and climbing team self rescue. The field trips will develop individual and fundamental skills applicable to self rescue for climbing on rock, glaciers and ice. The emphasis of field trip 1 will be on individual movement on rope and small party self-rescue. 

This is an advanced level climbing course. Completion or significant progress in the Leading on Rock course is a prerequisite for this course. For this reason registration opening is held until progress assessments are completed following the Leading on Rock FT#3.

This course is part of the Intermediate climbing course package for Kitsap Branch.




Badges you will earn:

Course Requirements
Course Activity Date Availability Leader
Lecture: Climbing Self-Rescue Classroom Session 1
Mountaineers Kitsap Program Center
Thu, May 9, 2024
Registration opens Apr 15; Instructor registration open now
6 participants
0 instructors
Climbing Self Rescue 1 Skills Practice Session (optional)
Mountaineers Kitsap Program Center
Fri, May 10, 2024
Registration opens Apr 15; Instructor registration open now
6 participants
1 instructor
Climbing Self Rescue-1 Field Trip 1
Green Mountain: School Rock
Sat, May 11, 2024
Registration opens Apr 15; Instructor registration open now
6 participants
0 instructors
Required Equipment

Standard rock climbing equipment - harness, helmet, 6-8 locking carabiners, 4-6 non-locking carabiners, 4-6 alpine draws, a cordelette, Purcell prusik (shorter leg prusik) is very useful for many situations. Bring gear you have and we will apply it to the problems. You rescue with what you have on your harness,

Recommended reference books:

1) Climbing Self Rescue - Improvising Solutions for Serious Situations. Tyson & Loomis. Mountaineers Books, 1st ed, 6th printing 2016.

2) Climbing Self Rescue - Essential Skills, Technical Tips, and Improvised Solutions. Ian Nicholson. Mountaineers Books, 1st ed, 2024.

3) Climbing Self Rescue. David J. Fasulo. Falcon books, 2nd ed, 2011.

Optional (and useful) Technical Rescue Rigger's Guide. Rick Lipke with Kirk Mauthner. Conterra Technical Systems Inc, 4th ed.