Course Materials

Intermediate Evaluation Guideline

This is the form we will use to evaluate your skill level for the initial field trip. It includes demonstrating navigation and most basic climbing skills.

application/pdf 2020 Int Eval FT.pdf — 118.5 KB

Crevasse Rescue Card

This is a pocket guide published by the Mountaineers and is the method we will use for the Evaluation Field Trip on January 26th.

application/pdf Crevasse Rescue Card.pdf — 872.5 KB

Introduction to Intermediate Alpine Climbing-1/Self Rescue-1

This is the brief we will use to guide our introductory session.

application/pdf Alpine Climbing 1 Intro.pdf — 2.6 MB


Files for the leadership course.

Spire Rock Training Plan 2020

Training plan we will use at Spire Rock in Spanaway for the ropes and anchors field trip.

application/pdf Spire Rock Training Plan 2020.pdf — 528.1 KB

Climbing Self Rescue-1 Notes

Document to guide the Climbing Self Rescue-1 lecture, practice session and field trip.

application/pdf Self Rescue-1 Notes-2020_Rev-2.pdf — 119.8 KB