Basic Snowshoeing Lecture - South Bellevue Community Center

Lecture: Basic Snowshoeing Course

Basic Snowshoeing Lecture - South Bellevue Community Center

Learn how to get out into the winter wonderland confidently and safely on snowshoes.

  • For Beginners (Getting Started Series)

South Bellevue Community Center,  6:00 - 9:00 PM

14509 SE Newport Way, Bellevue, WA 98006

A lecture with time for student Q&A covering all the knowledge needed to snowshoe.  Included will be discussion of general winter gear and snowshoe-specific gear, gear rental and purchase options, snowshoe trip planning, winter safety, avalanche and terrain awareness, snowshoe movement techniques, relevant winter activity-related websites and other resources and  area snowshoe destinations and routes.

In addition to the lecture, slideshow, and Q&A, there will also be snowshoe gear tables set up for students to peruse and ask question about, with examples of different kinds of snowshoes, appropriate boots, outerwear, gaiters, poles and examples of the Ten Essentials.

The lecture will be supplemented with a one-day field trip.  Completion of both activity requirements is required for course graduation and awarding of a Basic Snowshoe graduation "Badge."


South Bellevue Community Center

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Ten Essentials, including:

  • Snowshoes
  • Trekking poles with full-size baskets
  • Gaiters
Trip Reports