Navigation Activity (3 of 4) - In-Person Workshop: Students & Instructors

Lecture: Wilderness Navigation Course

Navigation Activity (3 of 4) - In-Person Workshop: Students & Instructors - Bellevue College

The third of four activities required to complete the Foothills Wilderness Navigation course.

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Bellevue College Room D-106 near I-90 in Bellevue .  Parking costs 3 dollars.  Leader will email information with directions and parking info.

Arrive between 6:20 and 6:40 PM.  There is a 10 minute exercise to do on your own before the main Workshop starts which is promptly at 7:00.

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Prior to attendance, both the online Map & Compass and GPS modules must be completed.

Sign up
Sign-up for the "Wilderness Navigation Course - Foothills" (click the link to the right).  Then go to the course webpage and click the blue "Manage Registration" button on the right side of that page.

The Workshop is held in a large classroom at Bellevue college that has 2 big screens in the front.  At tables with several students and 1-2 instructors, you will use provided maps and a fill-in worksheet to complete a series of exercises.  There is a 20 minute break in the middle where we go outside for a Gaia & compass exercise, use the restroom and grab a snack.

Required Materials:

  • Compass
  • Pen and/or dark pencil
  • Gaia GPS App:
    • Installed on your phone, (see course overview for free 1-year license).
    • Comfortable accessing maps and various settings.
    • Know how to add a waypoint
    • Know how to determine the bearing to a waypoint
  • For the 10 minute outdoor activity (in a dark area):
    • Warm clothes
    • A headlamp to manipulating your compass in the dark

Printed maps and other materials are provided.  You don't need to bring a map.

Food / Drink
You will be sitting at a table with several other people.  Please be polite by not bringing your whole dinner to the Workshop

Rescheduling or cancellation

Registration closes several days the Workshop.  If you must cancel or reschedule, please do so as soon as you can to make room for people on the waitlist.  After registration closes if you can't attend, please email the Workshop Lead, (click on their name on the right side of this screen to see their profile page with contact info). 
Please do not call the main Mountaineers office.  They can't do anything other than send email to the lead.
NOTE: If you can't attend the workshop, you won't be able to come to the field trip and graduate.  If either the Seattle or Tacoma Wilderness Navigation course has a Workshop scheduled that you could attend after the completion of our 2 online modules and before our Field Trip, you might be able to attend theirs. But it is an administrative mess for both our volunteers and theirs, so don't count on that and only do it for illness, family emergency or unexpected last minute out-of-town work requirement .  Don't sign-up for this course if you can't be 95% sure you will be able to attend.

Volunteer Instructors:

  1. Please attend the Zoom training session ahead of time if this is your first time instructing OUR workshop.  (The exercises are different from those lead by the other branches)
  2.  Review email from the Workshop Lead.
  3. Bring all the same materials as required by the students.
Required Equipment

Required Equipment

See main information tab on this page as well as the main page for the whole course for required materials.

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