Introductory Lecture - Becoming a Mountainers Backpack Leader

Lecture: Mentored Backpack Leaders' Course - Foothills

Introductory Lecture - Becoming a Mountainers Backpack Leader - Online Classroom

An evening zoom lecture that will explain the details and practical aspects of the course, including: the small instructional groups (SIGs), mentors, instruction and various field trips required. Additionally, aspiring leaders will receive details on the expectations, requirements and processes involved in leading backpack trips for the Foothills branch and the other requirements necessary to become a Backpack Leader.

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Online Class--Wednesday  April 10th, 7:00-8:30 PM.  Participants will be sent the Zoom address  a few days prior to the meeting.

In this introductory meeting, the participants/mentees will meet the instructors/mentors and be assigned to their specific mentor.  They will also meet their SIG (small instructional group) members and be assigned their Instructional Backpacking Trip.  The purpose, goals, practicalities and requirements of the course will be explained. 

This course is intended to facilitate the participants completing their "Mentored-led Trip" component for receiving their "Backpack Leader's Badge".  The "Mentored-Trip" process, goals and requirements will be explained.  This introductory meeting will also lay-out and discuss the additional Leader's Badge requirements--of procuring both  a Navigation and Wilderness First Aid badge and will give direction and support is this aim.

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Required Equipment


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