Lightweight Backpack Food Planning and Preparation - Online Seminar - Online Classroom

Lecture: Backpacking Building Blocks (B3) Course

Lightweight Backpack Food Planning and Preparation - Online Seminar - Online Classroom

How many calories do I need to be successful? What are some great meal options? How to plan my trail meals to eat well and maintain my energy on the trail with minimum cost, weight, cooking time and cleanup? This class complements other seminars about dehydration and trail cooking with fundamentals of backpack meal planning, whether you are making your own meals or using purchased options. Offered to B3 students free with the B3 course fee.

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This practical workshop will be held on zoom from 6:30 to 8:30PM.  The link to join the zoom session will be provided in the days before the session.  To best view the visuals being presented, it's best to join from a laptop or desktop.

The lecture will be supplemented with an optional in-person session where students will be encouraged to use tips and tools from the seminar to plan a trail menu for an actual trip, and to share some of your favorite trail food items and see-taste favorites from your classmmates in a potluck format.

Want to enjoy tasty satisfying meals on a backpack trip with minimal weight, prep time, cleanup or smelly bulky trash to pack out, even if you aren't interested in making your own? Want tips for planning your backpacking menus to maintain your energy and avoid the ‘bonk’? This class will include some tried-and-true ideas for planning and prep before your trip, food for the trail and food prep at camp, and in the process, help you lighten up your food bag and food prep gear, and reduce your trail 'footprint'. You will also get some resources for ordering inexpensive dehydrated staples and preparing your own, from your favorite recipes. This class is for new and experienced backpackers who struggle with their food weight and/or with unsatisfying meal options;  and complements other Mountaineers seminars about how to prepare your own dehydrated trail meals.

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Handouts and homework will be provided in advance of the class.

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