Wilderness First Aid (WFA) - Fall 2024

First Aid Course

Wilderness First Aid (WFA)

The Wilderness First Aid course is a 18-20 hour program divided into 3 parts, and provides participants with a nationally-recognized certification for basic backcountry first aid and emergency response.

Wilderness First Aid is taught by experienced wilderness and emergency medical providers from Base Medical. The course includes an independent first aid certification that is recognized nationally. Your course fee covers the cost of this instruction.

Course Introduction 

These online wilderness medicine lessons are the foundational theory component for all WFA courses. 

The following must be completed in order to gain certification:

  1.   The 8-10 hours of online lessons.
  2.  The 8 or more hours of in-person, hands-on practical training. 
  3.  The 2 hour online final assessment.

Students will also need to complete the no-cost Low-Impact Recreation Course, pass the quiz, and receive the Low-Impact Recreation badge in order to graduate.

Cancellation Notice:

  • Prior to 09/01/2024: 100% refund minus $10 club fee.
  • Between 09/02/2024 and 09/07/2024: 50% refund minus $10 club fee.
  • On or after 09/08/2024: no refunds provided.
  • Course must be completed sequentially.
    • In order to attend the in-person training, the on-line sessions need to be 100% complete.
    • In order to attempt the final assessment, the in-person training must have been completed successfully.
    • No refunds will be provided if a student neglects to complete any part of the complete or if a student completes the entire course but fails to complete the Low-Impact Recreation Course.
    • There are no make-ups for this course. Students need to be confident they can attend the full day, in-person training.

This course does *not* include CPR or AED training.

Badges you will earn:

Course Requirements
Course Activity Date Availability Leader
Wilderness First Aid - Online Course
Online Classroom
Sun, Sep 8, 2024 -
Sat, Sep 21, 2024
Registration opens Jul 1
6 participants
Widerness First Aid - In-person Practical Training
Eastside Fire & Rescue Headquarters
Sun, Sep 22, 2024
Registration opens Jul 1; Instructor registration open now
6 participants
2 instructors
Wilderness First Aid - Online Final Assessment
Online Classroom
Mon, Sep 23, 2024 -
Thu, Oct 24, 2024
Registration opens Jul 1
6 participants

Additional badges needed to graduate


Required Equipment
  • For Course Parts 1 & 3: Laptop or desktop access with stable internet connection
  • For Course Part 2:
    • Clothing layers appropriate to both indoor, classroom style and outdoor, scenario-related settings. Weather will dictate additional clothing needs.
    • Bagged lunch or sufficient funds to purchase lunch from a nearby restaurant.

For in-person training, instructors will provide day packs with medical supplies and emergency gear. All gear and supplies will need to be returned to the instructors at the close of the session.

Course Materials

You must register for this course to see course materials.