Wilderness First Aid - Online Course

Lecture: Wilderness First Aid (WFA)

Wilderness First Aid - Online Course - Online Classroom

These 8-10 hours of online wilderness medicine lessons are the foundational theory component for all WFA courses.

  • Easy
  • Pace: 8-10 hours

This is the first part of the Wilderness First Aid Course. Log-in details for the online course will be e-mailed on 04/07/2024. Students will have 13 days to complete this section in its entirety. 

The Base Medical online course is a resource to build your knowledge of wilderness medicine concepts and skills. The lessons are self-paced and can be reviewed at any time for the duration of your two-year certification.

Students must have 100% completion for online lessons before attending the practical training. 

The online lessons are a mix of videos, text, interactive exercises, and other activities. The lessons are designed to be completed in the order presented. Some lessons may contain additional content to enhance understanding. The additional content offers educational insight such as in-depth skill explanations, case studies, or print-outs. Students are required to view all content marked as essential. 

Base Medical courses are updated on an ongoing basis. You will be notified when a significant medical update or a new lesson is published. 

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

  • Laptop or desktop access with stable internet connection.
  • Log-in information to the Base Medical portal will be sent on 04/07/2024.
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