Informational Seminar


Informational Seminar - Online Classroom

Foothills Intermediate Climbing Info Session

  • Casual

6pm Zoom

This is an informational clinic on the Intermediate Climbing program, specifically for Foothills. All branches follow the same general principles but each committee can emphasize and develop their own curriculum.

Foothills has 3 courses

  • Leading on trad - how to lead on rock using trad protection, how to multipitch climb, and how to rescue your follower or leader
  • Winter Mountaineering & Advanced Crevasse Rescue - Winter Camping and Mountaineering, Small Party Rescue Skills, Solo Rescue Skills
  • Alpine Ice & Mixed Climbing - Climbing on alpine ice and rock with ice tools

Priority to members of Foothills Climbing until June 10, then anyone may register

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

bevvy and note taking equipment

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