Intermediate Glacier Climbing - Everett - 2024

Climbing Course

Intermediate Glacier Climbing

The glacier portion of the Everett Intermediate Climbing Course. An application must be submitted and approved before a person is accepted into this class.


The Intermediate Glacier Climbing module will introduce participants to steeper snow and glacier routes, and provide the skills for planning and executing an intermediate-level glacier climb.  The course covers the basics of small party (two-person rope team) self-rescue on glacier climbs.

The Intermediate Glacier Course is targeted at basic grads and is designed to follow on from the foundation set in the Basic Climbing Course. It will cover the next steps in building your skills to lead, plan and practice safe climbing and descending glacier routes in the Cascades. 

This course will give you the skills and confidence to plan and lead your own glacier climbs.  The experience field trip is usually on Mt Baker where students practice skills on snow slopes and 2-person crevasse rescue.

The experience climb is an overnight climb of a Cascade intermediate glacier route, where participants organize, plan and run the complete climb, under supervision of a climb leader. 

Schedule & Course Requirements:

See listings for below for the specific dates for course activities.

  • Instructor review -attend on Jan 20th (register separately)
  • Lectures - Two sessions (dates below)
  • Instruct at Snow 1 (May 11th/12th) or Snow 2 (June 1st/2nd, or June 8th/9th) field trip. 
  • Snow experience field trip (block out two weekends June 15th/16th and June 8th/9th for best weather option)
  • Experience Climb - Student-planned climb in small groups. Date and climb selected by students during course lectures.  Most successful parties block out 2-3 different date ranges to ensure the trip is a success.


  • Basic graduation status
  • Basic instructor status
  • Current Mountaineering First Aid

Priority to be given to Everett intermediate students and basic grads.


Complete the application form found on the registration panel of the course listing page.   Application cut-off date is December 31st 2023.  Applicants will be notified before the end of January 2024 and registration will start at that time.

Course Requirements
Course Activity Date Availability Leader
Intermediate Glacier Climbing Field Trip
Mount Baker Recreation Area: Easton Glacier
Sat, Jun 15, 2024 -
Sun, Jun 16, 2024
Registration closed Jun 13
0 participants
0 instructors
Fortune & South Ingalls Peaks
Sun, Jun 16, 2024
Registration closes Jun 14
0 participants
0 instructors
Required Equipment
  • Standard glacier travel gear
  • Mountaineering boots
  • Overnight snow camping gear

Note:  Gear will be discussed in detail at lecture.


If you have the optional equipment below, bring it to the field trip, but its not required to purchase.

  • Technical Ice Axe (not an ice climbing ice tool) a 2nd ice axe such as a Black Diamond Venom or a lightweight Camp for use when climbing steeper snow with 2 axes.
  • 1 or 2 Ice screws (at least one 22 cm for making v-threads). 
Course Materials

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