Intermediate Climbing Course - Everett - 2024

Climbing Course

Intermediate Climbing Course

Intermediate Climbing Course - Everett - 2024

The Everett Branch offers five individual modules that comprise the Intermediate Climbing Course (ICC):
- Introduction to Leading on Rock (LOR)
- Intermediate Glacier Climbing (IGC)
- Introduction to Alpine Ice (Ice)
- Introduction to Winter and Mixed Climbing (Winter/Mixed)
- Self-Rescue Methods (Self-Rescue)

Note that students must also enroll in a separate Level 1 AIARE avalanche course to graduate the course.

DO NOT ENROLL here for the full Intermediate Climbing Course for Everett. You will need to first fill out an application for Everett's Leading on Rock (LOR) and/or Intermediate Glacier Climbing (IGC). Find the application forms on the LOR and IGC course pages. If you are accepted you can then register on those pages and pay for the courses.  

Completion of the entire Intermediate Climbing Course requires completion of all of the modules of LOR and IGC (LOR, Self Rescue, IGC, Ice and Winter/Mixed along with a number of additional requirements such as assisting as instructor and rope leading across all of the Basic Climbing and Intermediate courses). The entire ICC program typically 3 to 5 years to complete. 

Some of the modules of the ICC program can be taken independently of the entire ICC program if the prerequisites are met and space is available.

This listing tracks students who enter Leading on Rock track in the associated year. 

Course Requirements

This course has no scheduled activities.

Additional badges needed to graduate


Required Equipment

Each individual course module will list specific equipment requirements.

Course Materials

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