2002 Distinguished Service Award

2002 Distinguished Service Award

Larry Ingalls

The Everett Mountaineers are proud to present our 2002 Distinguished Service Award to Larry Ingalls who has demonstrated these characteristics consistently over the years in many areas of the Branch.

Larry joined The Mountaineers in 1992. He has graduated from the Everett Alpine Scrambling, Everett Basic Climbing and Everett Intermediate Climbing courses. Larry has been active Everett Branch volunteer in hiking, snowshoeing, alpine scrambling, climbing, leadership coordination, trail maintenance, cross-country skiing and branch administration. He has served as Branch Chair (1996-1999), Vice Branch Chair (1994- 1995) and Alpine Scrambling Committee Chair (2000-2002).

For the Club, Larry served on the Organization Analysis Committee in 1999 and currently serves as one of nine "Trustees At Large" on The Mountaineers Board.

Many Everett Branch members have nominated Larry for the service award due to his many hours of service to the branch in various capacities. Diane Jochimsen says, "After a lot of thinking and talking with other Branch members about what people have done over the years, I recommend that Larry Ingalls receive the award." While Nicole DeWolf says, "I am willing to bet that I won't be the only one to nominate Larry Ingalls for the Service Award as he's done so much for the Branch." She continues by saying "Larry has more positive energy of any kind than anyone” that she knows. These folks have been impressed with his dedication to the Branch. Though often busy in the many aspects of his "Mountaineers family" as he often refers to his friendships through The Mountaineers, Larry led through the examples set by his mentors and sought others to take on leadership positions within the branch. Christi Masi says, "Larry called me on several occasions to be more involved, always in an area where he saw that I could add value to the Branch." While Nicole recalls, "Larry, very importantly, always has taken time out of his busy schedule to mentor new climbers, scramblers and leaders." Because of Larry's contributions in many areas, Chris Johnson feels "Larry Ingalls is clearly the type of person that the service award is intended to recognize."

Larry, THANKS for your past and continuing service to the Everett Mountaineers! You perpetuate the Mountaineer spirit through your boundless and unceasing energy and passion for outdoor recreation and conservation.

Information for this article was provided by Penny Barker, Nicole DeWolf, Diane Jochimsen, Chris Johnson and Christi Masi.