Intermediate Rock 1

Field trip: Intermediate Climbing Course

Intermediate Rock 1 - Leavenworth

Intermediate Rock 1 Field Trip

  • *Varies*, Crag Rock Climb, Strenuous 3, Technical 2
  • Challenging

Logistics will be discussed via email and during the pre-trip lecture.

Leading on Rock Field Trip

Required Equipment:  Ten essential systems, rock climbing gear


Saturday & Sunday:

  1. Set up camp


  1. Clipping
  • Choosing correct sling length
  • Proper clipping
  • Backclipping
  • Z Clipping
  1. Placing Gear
  • Selecting rock suitable for placement
  • First placement=active
  • Nuts & Hexes-maximize contact
  • Tri Cams
  • Cams-under & over camming, walking
  1. Building Anchors
  • Re-emphasize ERNEST
  • Must withhold up & downward force for multi-pitch
  • Equalized cordelette, top shelf
  • Master Point
  • Equalette
  • Clove rope to two pieces and personal tether to another
  1. Belaying from the top
  • Different belay methods
  1. Leading
  • On top rope lead up a second rope and clip gear
  • On tope rope lead up a second rope and place gear-placement is critiqued
  • Lead using pre-placed gear
  • Lead using pre-placed gear and place gear-placement is critiqued
  • Lead, follower critiques


students will earn:



  • Green Trails Alpine Lakes East (Stuart Range) No. 208SX

    Alpine Lakes Wilderness (ALPS)

    Trails Illustrated Alpine Lakes Wilderness
  • See full route/place details.
Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Gear each student MUST HAVE for Class - Pro Will be available for the class:

  1. Helmet, harness, rock shoes
  2. 1 personal Anchoring device with a locking biner
  3. Auto blocking belay device with locking Belay biner
  4. 4 Alpine slings 60cm 
  5. 2 Alpine slings 120cm
  6. 12 standard sized biners (2 for each sling)
  7. 3 locking biners in addition to the others already mentioned (standard sized)
  8. Small water hydration pack with water pouch and enough room for food and warm layers.
  9. 20' Cordalette.  This can be made out of 20' of 7 mm Nylon Cord,
  10. Nut tool and carabiner does not need to be full size) and a knife

 Gear will be discussed at first class. Bring what you have but do not purchase new before class

Trip Reports