Bellingham Branch Council Home Page

Bellingham Branch Council Home Page

The Bellingham Mountaineers Chapter (BMC) Branch Council is comprised of the elected officers listed below. The Branch Council meets via zoom on the fourth Tuesday of each month to conduct general branch business. These meetings are open to all Mountaineers members. Bellingham Mountaineers Activities and Events are chaired by Activity Committee Chairs.

Current Officers

  • Chair:  AJ Schuehle
  • Chair-Elect:  vacant
  • Treasurer:  Krista Sutton
  • Secretary: Dana Ringler (Exectutive Committee), Scarlett Graham (Climbing Committee)
  • Director: Tim Schafermeyer
  • Safety Officer:  James Pierson
  • Conservation Coordinator: Amy Arnold
  • DE&I Chair:  Meredith LaFrance
  • Communications Chair:  Cassidy Miley


  • Join the Bellingham Branch Council on the fourth Tuesday of every month for the monthly Branch meeting. During this meeting we will hear from the the various branch committee chairs as well as updates on new and old business.  

    Monthly Branch Council meetings start at 6:30pm and end at 7:30pm.  

    Attend via Zoom at the following link (copy and paste into your browser)

    (If you run into issues joining please email Nathan Andrus

meeting minutes


leadership planning calendar

This calendar is for use by Bellingham Branch leaders to plan courses and events for the upcoming year. Please see the course listings under Courses for finalized dates.