We bring organizations together to achieve shared conservation goals and make a greater impact.

When it comes to advocacy, our strength lies in numbers. We work in partnership with like-minded organizations and networks to influence policy and management of public lands and outdoor recreation. By partnering on efforts to build relationships with lawmakers and land managers, engaging in land management planning, and advocating for issues that move conservation and recreation forward, our collective advocacy leads to greater impact.


We are one of ten national advocacy organizations that make up Outdoor Alliance (OA). Our coalition is the only organization in the U.S. that unites the voices of outdoor enthusiasts to conserve public lands and waters, and ensures those lands are managed in a way that embraces the human-powered experience.  We’ve deepened our involvement with OA over the years because The Mountaineers and Washington’s human-powered recreation community are well positioned to impact conservation on a national scale.


The Mountaineers leads Outdoor Alliance Washington (OA Washington), a state-based network of groups representing the voices of climbers, paddlers, hikers, mountain bikers, and backcountry skiers in the Evergreen State modeled after the national Outdoor Alliance organization. While many of these groups have worked together for years, OA Washington came together more formally in the fall of 2021 thanks to philanthropic support. Together, our organizations represent over 75,000 members. By working together to forge strong relationships with local lawmakers and land managers, we can more effectively advocate for shared conservation, recreation, and climate priorities in our state. OA Washington includes:


We work with several other local nonprofits, groups, and coalitions to conserve the public lands and waters of the Pacific Northwest. Our local partners include: