2022 Comment Letters

The Mountaineers 2022 comment letters on conservation and recreation issues, including the Great American Outdoors Act and funding for Washington State land management agencies.

Conservation Community FY 22 Appropriations Support Letter

Fiscal year 2022 appropriations support letter from the environmental and conservation community.

application/pdf 01.20.22 Fiscal Year 2022 Appropriations Support Letter.pdf — 50.8 KB

Tongass National Forest Roadless Rule Comment Washington State Coalition Letter

Letter to the U.S. Forest Service from Washington State conservation groups commenting on the Tongass National Forest Roadless Rule.

application/pdf 01.24.22 Tongass National Forest Roadless Rule Comment_Washington State Coalition Letter.pdf — 1.1 MB

WA DNR Recreation Enforcement Budget Request Support Letter

Washington Department of Natural Resources Enforcement budget request support letter.

application/pdf 02.01.22 DNR Recreation enforcement budget request support letter.pdf — 309.1 KB

Outdoor Alliance Washington WDFW 10-year Recreation Strategy Comment Letter

Outdoor Alliance Washington comment letter on Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife's draft 10-year recreation strategy.

application/pdf 02.28.22 OA WA WDFW recreation strategy comments.pdf — 723.7 KB

Outdoor Alliance Senate ENR Hearing Testimony on Environmental Justice for All Act

Outdoor Alliance written hearing testimony to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on the Environmental Justice for All Act

application/pdf 03.01.22 OA HNR Testimony on EJ for All Act.pdf — 272.4 KB

Outdoor Alliance, Outdoor Industry Association, and The Conservation Alliance Joint Climate Package Support Letter

Outdoor Alliance, Outdoor Industry Association, and The Conservation Alliance joint climate package support letter.

application/pdf 03.01.22 OA+OIA+TCA+climate+package+support.pdf — 480.3 KB

Outdoor Alliance DOI Conservation Atlas Letter

Outdoor Alliance comment letter to the Department of the Interior regarding the conservation atlas development process.

application/pdf 03.07.22 Outdoor Alliance Conservation Atlas Comment Final.pdf — 323.1 KB

Outdoor Alliance FY 23 Appropriations Written Hearing Testimony

Outdoor Alliance fiscal year 2023 appropriations written hearing testimony to the House Interior Appropriations Subcommittee.

application/pdf 03.10.22 Outdoor Alliance FY23 Appropriations Testimony.pdf — 306.4 KB

USFS Legacy Roads and Trails FY 23 Letter to Senator Murray

Washington Watershed Restoration Initiative Coalition letter to Senator Patty Murray on U.S. Forest Service Legacy Roads and Trails program appropriations for fiscal year 2023.

application/pdf 03.16.22 USFS Legacy Roads and Trails FY23 Letter to Senator Murray.pdf — 917.0 KB

The Mountaineers Letter of Support for DNR Elbe 92 Road Sno-Park Future Funding Proposal

The Mountaineers letter to WA State Parks and Recreation Commission in support of WA Department of Natural Resources' Elbe 92 Road Sno-Park future funding proposal.

application/pdf The Mountaineers Letter of Support_Elbe 92 Road Sno-Park Refresh Project_May 2022.pdf — 259.9 KB

Letter on FY 23 Appropriations Top-line Environmental Funding

Environmental Community Letter on Fiscal Year 23 Appropriations Top-line Environmental Funding.

application/pdf 5.17.22 Letter on FY23 top-line environmental funding.pdf — 73.9 KB