Adventure Profiles

Wanted: Your Stories of Extraordinary Walks in the Wild

In 2017, our Seattle and Foothills Hiking Committees jointly launched a new adventure presentation series to celebrate extraordinary trekking and backpacking adventures  in the wilds of the world. Three years and 12 well-attended presentations later, our audiences have seen amazing photos, heard incredible stories, and learned how to plan their own adventures to international trekking and backpacking destinations  from other Mountaineers members. And we're looking for more Mountaineers to volunteer to share their stories! Read more…

Patagonia turns your $1 donation into $2 for The Mountaineers

Thank you once again for your incredible support through #GivingTuesday! With your help, we raised $10,000 toward our 2019 scholarship goal of $25,000 and there are more opportunities to make a difference with The Mountaineers. 

 With only two weeks left in December, many members are looking for ways to stretch their dollars further before the close of the tax-year. We are excited to share that our partners at Patagonia have set up a $10M matching pool for all donations made through Patagonia Action Works. 

Watch your $10 become $20 or your $1,000 into $2,000! Patagonia will match every gift up to $10,000. Time is limited for this incredible matching opportunity. 

Double your impact with a gift through Patagonia

Patagonia Action Works was built to connect committed individuals to organizations, like The Mountaineers, working on environmental issues within our community. This digital platform helps to inform people of local engagement opportunities in the categories of land, water, climate, communities, and biodiversity, so they can easily take action and help preserve the planet.  

Donating to The Mountaineers via the Patagonia Action Works platform is simple and The Mountaineers will be notified of your gift immediately. 

Now is the time to take advantage of Patagonia’s matching opportunity. Donate today and double your impact before the match runs out! 


  • Double your impact today with a gift to The Mountaineers through Patagonia Action Works.
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  • Find out how easy it is to make a gift of securities by calling Bri Vanderlinden at 206-521-6006.

Thank you for your support! 

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Olympia Branch Winter Open House - Jan 2, 2020

Are you dreaming of outdoor adventures or looking to improve your skills? The Olympia Mountaineers can help get you on your way. Join us on January 2, 2020 for our annual Winter Open House. You can meet representatives from our courses and activities who will answer your questions about what it takes to get started, the gear you will need, course schedules, expectations, benefits, and more! Read more…

Holiday Gift Membership - Save 25% This Season

You'll see a lot of deals this Cyber Monday - sweet new gear, high-tech gadgets, and plenty of thingamabobs to fill your garage. However, we’re here to offer you something a little different – a way to connect with the outdoors all year round. Mountaineers members share a community built around our collective love for the mountains and waters of the northwest, and our desire to protect them.  Read more…

Snow Goat Skimo: Supporting the Boom in Uphill Ski Racing

It must be nice, being a mountain goat. To move through the mountains with speed and grace, inspiring fear, respect, and admiration in all who lay eyes on you. With gravitydefying climbing skills and a legendary beard, mountain goats are untouchable. Read more…

Which volunteer has made an impact in your life?

Whether you hike, ski, climb, or paddle, we’d be willing to bet your life has been positively impacted by a Mountaineers volunteer. Volunteers are the heart of our organization - they lead our trips, teach our courses, run our branches and committees, and build our Program and Outdoor Centers. This giving season, consider making a gift in honor of the volunteer who has made a difference in your life. Read more…

Multi-Day Photography Adventures - 2020

I will be offering two multi-day photography adventures to Coulee Corridor and Vancouver Island in 2020. Both involve car caravanning and car camping, so save the dates and sign up now so we can start planning and preparations for these exciting trips! Read more…

New Beginnings: A Place To Be Yourself

17 miles per hour. That’s the speed of the rope tow at Meany Lodge when it’s in third gear. Touted as the fastest, longest, legally operated tow west of the Mississippi, the Meany Tow whisks skiers 500ft up an east-facing glade deep in the heart of Stampede Pass. The angle is gradual at first, but then steepens midway, creating a small gap between the rope and the slope. Regulars will tell you they routinely see small children lift off the ground, carried for a dozen or so feet before touching back down on the high side. They love it. Read more…

Join Us for Winter Trails Weekend in the Methow - Jan 3-6, 2020

"Planned very well, with nicely groomed trails, and clear direction of what to expect," remarked one participant of last year's Methow Winter Trails weekend, when asked about her favorite part of the Mazama trails ski trip. A Sun Mountain trip skier the next day responded, "The weather, the company, and that the leader selected the trails that most fit the group's abilities." Join us this year to explore the Methow and to find your own favorite part! Read more…

BeWild Speaker Series - Introducing the 2020 Lineup

For six years, we've hosted the BeWild Speaker Series to bring you stories of passion and adventure. We're excited to announce this year's lineup, which includes the first north american woman to summit Everest, a world class female mountain guide, the creative mastermind and author behind, and the first Indian-American to complete the Seven Summits.  Read more…