Youth Volunteers Needed - Make a Difference this Spring and Summer

This spring and summer, we have open volunteer opportunities with our Seattle Mountain Workshop Programs. Join us to share your passions with youth and support them in finding joy in outdoor skills.
Hannah Tennent Hannah Tennent
Associate Youth Outreach Manager
April 23, 2021
Youth Volunteers Needed - Make a Difference this Spring and Summer
A student during After-School ties in before climbing. By After-School staff.

As we continue to reopen and restart our programs, we’re excited to welcome back our Seattle Mountain Workshop partners after nearly a year of hiatus - and we need your help!

Mountain Workshops are The Mountaineers customizable outdoor skills programs for youth groups. The flexible, hands-on curriculum is designed in collaboration with the partner group’s leaders to meet the educational goals of their youth and instill a desire to explore and conserve the outdoors. We offer a low student-to-instructor ratio and rely on a mix of staff and volunteer instructors to support these programs and the next generation of Mountaineers.

With students excited to learn new things and spend time outside with their peers, we’re seeking volunteers to teach a variety of programs this spring and summer. Designed to introduce and welcome students to new outdoor experiences, our Mountain Workshops have a beginner-level curriculum. We teach:

  • Climbing
  • Navigation
  • First Aid
  • Leave No Trace
  • Outdoor Cooking

These workshops are designed to break down barriers and we prioritize programming for historically underserved populations, including students of color who have been traditionally excluded from mainstream outdoor recreation. As a volunteer, you might:

  • Share the basics of climbing with kids who are brand new to the sport, and support them in what can be an exciting and challenging growth experience
  • Lead first aid activities, where you’ll teach students how to bandage a wound and splint an arm
  • Support students in a navigation treasure hunt around the Program Center

Instructors on these programs have the chance to share their skills and connect with youth in a fun, supportive atmosphere. You’ll likely end the day having learned something new yourself, whether it’s the latest TikTok dance trend or a new appreciation for your favorite activity. Volunteers will be supported with fully developed curriculum plans and staff support during the event. Events will be primarily outside and masked.

Upcoming opportunities

    Next steps 

    To become a Mountain Workshop volunteer, you’ll first need to earn your Qualified Youth Leader Badge. It’s a simple, online process that takes about 1 hour. You can get started right now! 

    Become a Qualified Youth Leader

    Please also reach out to Hannah Tennent at to discuss what programs you're interested in.

    Thank you! 

     Few people get into outdoor recreation completely on their own. Most of us have mentors or teachers, people who took the time to welcome us in and share their knowledge. Volunteers do that every day here at The Mountaineers, and it means that new folks can experience the joy of a beautiful hike or a challenging climb. Thank you for supporting and growing our community!

    Lead image of a student tying in before climbing. Photo taken by After-School staff.