Your donation supports learners and leaders

The Mountaineers investment in volunteer leadership fosters community around our favorite outdoor activities. Your donation supports volunteer leadership development and innovation in outdoor recreation - only five days left to make your 2023 donation!
Priya Sinha Priya Sinha
2-year member
December 26, 2023
Your donation supports learners and leaders
Volunteers lead hundreds of courses and thousands of activities each year with The Mountaineers. Photo by Iris Lieuw.

I am afraid of going downhill. Everyone is afraid of something, and for me it’s moving fast downhill on trail, rock, or snow. I am sometimes tempted to hide my fears and insecurities, but when I started the Scrambling course, I knew I would have to share this fear with my instructors and classmates. It felt like a true confession.

When I first opened up to a course leader, I was grateful that he responded with kindness. He acknowledged that my fear was valid and supported me as I learned to use my fear to make my trips safer, rather than ignoring it. After that conversation, I thought “I can do this.” I felt that I would be able to show up as myself and be accepted.

In a world focused on forward motion, constant growth, and turning a profit, we can lose sight of the importance of human development. For a healthy community, we need to practice mentorship and create learning spaces that cultivate vulnerability, curiosity, and empathy. This is why The Mountaineers is such a special place.

The Mountaineers investment in volunteer leadership fosters community around our favorite outdoor activities. From my experience, creating a community of empathetic, inspiring leaders is not something that happens without intention and investment.

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  • Funds training for volunteers and members to learn and practice outdoor leadership skills
  • Supports expressions of gratitude and recognition for volunteer leaders who share their time and wisdom
  • Provides resources for people to create and lead courses and activities that they are passionate about
  • Champions values-driven publishing of manuals and guidebooks to promote safe and sustainable outdoor recreation around the world


As I continue to learn new outdoor skills and find belonging as both a teacher and student in this community, I am grateful for the ways that members like you support The Mountaineers as volunteers and donors.

We are in the last days of 2023, and your donation before December 31 will support volunteer-led outdoor education. Plus, two long-time volunteers have offered to match gifts from new donors this month, up to $12,000. If you haven’t donated to The Mountaineers in the last five years, your donation will have twice the impact! We are already __% of the way toward our year-end goal. Your donation in these final days will be crucial to supporting our programs and mission in 2024 and beyond.

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