Wildfires and Smoke Create Hazards and Close Popular Recreation Areas

Check conditions and use caution when it comes to current wildfires across the Pacific Northwest.
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September 06, 2017
Wildfires and Smoke Create Hazards and Close Popular Recreation Areas
Smoke dominates the Pacific Northwest

Smoky conditions from Canadian fires blanketed our region for much of August. The smoke eventually cleared, but only temporarily. The smoke is back, ashes are falling from the sky, and a unusually hot, dry period combined with little offshore wind has created a thick haze over the entire Pacific Northwest. 

You can view a map of the smoke forecast here. The current 3-day outlook looks bleak. 

As of today, many popular areas are either closed (Bugaboos, Colchuck Lake) or heavily impacted (Enchantments, Snoqualmie Pass, North Cascades, foothills).  Eleven new fires started on Monday alone, and the Department of National Resources is calling for  no outdoor fires anywhere

You may be tempted to go ahead with trips planned far in advance, but we recommend utilizing good, conservative judgment and caution regarding the impact of smoke, road closures, or direct threat from wildfires, which can start due to natural or unnatural causes.

If anyone in your party has respiratory issues, such as asthma, they could be particularly affected by these conditions. Young and older party members may feel the affects more strongly.  The Washington State Department of Health advises that people not choose to exercise outside when air quality is categorized as unhealthy or hazardous. Check current conditions here:  https://www.airnow.gov

Stay safe, cool, and do a rain dance in hope that better conditions will be on the way soon.


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