Wild Skills Day for Girls - May 21 & June 5

The Mountaineers are partnering with SheJumps in Seattle and Tacoma to create a special day for girls age 6-12 to learn outdoor and climbing skills.
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April 18, 2016
Wild Skills Day for Girls - May 21 & June 5
Girls climbing for Wild Skills day with SheJumps. Photo by Christy Pelland.

Wild Skills Youth Initiative

SheJumps and The Mountaineers are pleased to present Wild Skills Day again this year - a free day camp for young girls (age 6-12) to learn the skills they need for outdoor adventuring.

Wild Skills youth events teach young girls the survival and technical skills they need for outdoor adventuring. These skills can be applied in any season and include first aid, navigation, leave no trace and shelter building. 

Our goal is to see girls learning, having fun, and connecting in an encouraging environment with amazing instruction and support. We want this to be a day they will remember - one to spark a lifetime of passion for the outdoors and teach them that they are capable of anything!


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We want this opportunity to be open to all girls, therefore the registration fee is an optional donation.

Seattle - May 21

Join us at the Seattle Program Center on Saturday, May 21 from 9am-3pm. We'll spend the day rock climbing, practicing first aid and navigation, learning Leave No Trace practices, and making crafts. 

This date is now sold out but there is still room in Tacoma!

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Tacoma - June 6

Join us at The Mountaineers Tacoma Program Center on Sunday, June 5 from 9am-1:30pm. We'll spend the day rock climbing, practicing wilderness first aid, learning about Leave No Trace and the 10 Essentials, and making crafts. 

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About SheJumps

SheJumps is an outdoor nonprofit who seeks to increase participation in of women and girls in outdoor activities. The SheJumps community consists of females of all backgrounds and ages who help one other reach their highest potential through outdoor adventures and education.