Wild Places Deserve Our Support

Check out what The Mountaineers are doing to protect our public lands, and how you can help support our mission.
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October 01, 2017
Wild Places Deserve Our Support

“History tells us that when public lands are unprotected, they’re sold to the highest bidder." - Rose Marcario, President and CEO of Patagonia, delivers her keynote address at The Mountaineers fundraising breakfast, Sep 20

If you’ve been watching, you might have noticed a steady stream of state and federal bills that would transfer national public lands to states, strip away existing environmental protections, and open protected lands to private development.
Public lands are unprotected when we stop paying attention. If you blink, you might miss an opportunity to defend the places we love most.
The Mountaineers tracks issues affecting our wild places, and when we take action it makes a difference. A prime example is the Methow Valley where a private company filed for permits to pursue an open-pit copper mine, an operation that would fundamentally change the character of the North Cascades. Our community wrote thousands of letters to lawmakers and land managers calling for protection, and The Mountaineers hiked with Senate staffers to show them what’s at stake. 
The result? Land managers issued an administrative withdrawal that put a halt on mining in the region for 20 years. In conjunction, Senator Cantwell introduced the Methow Headwaters Protection Act to provide a permanent solution.
It pays to be vigilant.

Donate today to help our voice stay strong, clear, and unwavering: public lands must be protected. We’ve raised $75,000 towards a goal of $100,000 to support our conservation efforts — but we need help to get over the finish line. With your support, The Mountaineers can continue to be a powerful voice for the outdoor experience. Our elected officials need to hear from us, and your donation helps ensure The Mountaineers has a seat at the table. 

Thank you for your commitment to wild places and public lands.


P.S. During the past year, The Mountaineers have submitted public comments on National Monuments, forest and wilderness policy, mining proposals, fire management, and much more. You can read these letters here.

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