Which volunteer has made an impact in your life?

As you think about how your life has been enriched by your experiences with The Mountaineers, consider giving back to these tremendous volunteers.
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December 10, 2019

Whether you hike, ski, climb, or paddle, we’d be willing to bet your life has been positively impacted by a Mountaineers volunteer. Volunteers are the heart of our organization - they lead our trips, teach our courses, run our branches and committees, and build our Program and Outdoor Centers. This giving season, consider making a gift in honor of the volunteer who has made a difference in your life.

Donate to honor a volunteer in your life

Donations at The Mountaineers elevate our community in many ways by expanding outreach and offering scholarships,  cultivating stewards of our public lands through our conservation efforts,  fostering a growing community of outdoor educators with volunteer leadership developmentand so much more.  

In 2019, 3,100 volunteers dedicated more than 210,000 hours of their time and energy to share their knowledge of the outdoors and help Mountaineers members gain the necessary skills to stay safe, aware, and ready for the outdoors. Whether in the classroom or during field trips, volunteers help our members experience the benefits of outdoor recreation, build lifelong friendships, and reach their outdoor dreams. 

We cannot thank our volunteers enough for the work they do to support our organization and make a difference in so many lives. Your gift today can go a long way to help us recognize our volunteer leaders and create the next generation of outdoor educators who teach us to explore, connect, and advocate. 

The Mountaineers offers the practical skills to advance backcountry skills and remain safe. But they also offer something priceless: a strong community that has your back and looks out for you. It’s precious and worth conserving and fighting for. None of this could be possible without all the volunteer leaders that make these courses and experiences possible. I can’t even express my thanks enough. All I can do is aim to give back to the community one day.” 
-Renee Davis, 2-year member

As you think about how your life has been enriched by your experiences with The Mountaineers, consider giving back to these tremendous volunteers. Your support provides these dedicated individuals with high-quality educational opportunities, advanced skills trainings, and specialized programs (such as Alpine Ambassadors) to help them hone their leadership skills and inspire growth in our programs. 

P.S. Did you know you can easily make a gift of securities to The Mountaineers? It is a quick, easy, tax-savings way to leverage your impact! To learn more about how to make this happen contact Bri Vanderlinden at briv@mountaineers.org

You can also make your unrestricted year-end gift today by visiting mountaineers.org/yearendgift.

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