What does membership mean to you?

What do I get for my Mountaineers membership?
Kristina Ciari Tursi Kristina Ciari Tursi
October 29, 2014
What does membership mean to you?
Photo by Tim Nair.

Members join our community for all sort of reasons. Some folks simply want to support our mission to get more people outside. Others are passionate about our commitment to bring outdoor experiences to young people through our youth programs. And many more join to learn specific skills or increase competencies to better enjoy their outdoor pursuits.

Regardless of your reasons, joining the Mountaineers makes you part of a vibrant community of 10,000 adventurers keen to help you get outside safely and responsibly, while serving as stewards to protect the outdoor experience.

Membership with The Mountaineers entitles you to many exclusive benefits - both tangible and intangible. We recently surveyed some of our members and leaders and asked them what they liked best about membership with us, and here is what they shared:

  • the opportunity to learn skills and earn badges - and then teach skills to others
  • a chance to explore the backcountrY through 100’s of monthly activities
  • a voice in conservation and outdoor recreation advocacy
  • member-only discounts on gear andresources, like 30% off at Backcountry.com and 20% off ALL Mountaineers Books publications
  • a subscription to Mountaineer magazine
  • professional leadership development
  • trail stewardship opportunities and conservation education
  • access to our three mountain lodges
  • a reason to wake up in the morning and accomplish great things with great people
  • expertise and training that will come in extremely handy during the zombie apocalypse - or a basic alpine climb

We loved these ideas so much we included them in our renewal mailings!

We're always looking for more ways to improve our member experience and thank you for your support. Please leave comments letting us know what you most appreciate, and offering any ideas on how we can continue to support you as a member of our community.

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