We're Searching for Our Next Development Director

With the departure of Development Director Mary Hsue, we've launched a search for our next fundraising champion. Learn about the process and how you can help us find our next great teammate.
Tom Vogl Tom Vogl
Mountaineers CEO
August 23, 2017
We're Searching for Our Next Development Director

In July, we were sad to say goodbye to our Development Director, Mary Hsue, after six very impactful years. Now we're looking to fill her shoes.

During her tenure, Mary created our Mountaineers fundraising story, taking us from a 100-year old club with a new nonprofit designation to a professional organization achieving more than $1 million/year in charitable giving. Her talent and dedication helped us achieve financial stability and energized our membership to dream bigger. 


We are looking  to find someone to do that again - an organized visionary who can inspire people to believe in our mission to enrich the community by helping people explore, conserve, learn about and enjoy the lands and waters of the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

To find a replacement, we're working with the folks at Clover Search Works, a comprehensive nonprofit leadership transition team. Together we've created a recruiting profile to help explain who we are, what we stand for, and what our ideal candidate might look like.

Apply and Share

We're sharing this Job Announcement with you in hopes that it reaches many people in our collective networks - and that includes yours. Please read this announcement from the perspective of someone who needs to learn about us, this opportunity, and the position itself. It is intended to be an overview to help inform candidates about The Mountaineers, the Development Director role, and characteristics of the ideal candidate.

People who are interested in the position, or know someone who may be a good candidate, should apply via Clover directly. Their job is to gather a strong and diverse candidate pool, then carefully sift through to identify the best possible matches for our future leader. 

Read it over and share with people who you think might be the next leader of our awesome organization.

Interim Support

To provide support and guidance in the interim, we are fortunate to have Elizabeth Lunney re-join our team  (you may remember her because she served as interim Executive Director before I was hired). She was a longtime executive director for WTA and Board member of Braided River, our Mountaineers Books imprint. She recently served as interim ED of Mountains To Sound Greenway Trust and is a member of advisory council of The Mountaineers.

Elizabeth joined us in July, and will be working 20 to 30 hours/week as an additional resource for our board and staff until we find the perfect development director to lead us into the future. 

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