Welcome to Your Backyard: Mountaineers Summer Camp 2015

The Mountaineers Summer Camp program begins late June and runs through late August. Our first group of campers join us from Brettler Family Place, here in Magnuson Park. We are so thrilled to kick off this summer with a fantastic group of outdoor enthusiasts!
Adry Gonzalez Adry Gonzalez
June 30, 2015
Welcome to Your Backyard: Mountaineers Summer Camp 2015
Mountaineer Summer Camp Kickoff

Hello! My name is Adry and I'm the Summer Camp Coordinator. I am so excited to be creating our Summer Camp blog this summer. I'll be posting daily updates so check back for general information, photos, field trip updates, and daily camp reflections. Click here any time to see pictures of our adventures! 

Day 3

If there is one thing I can say about this group of campers, it's that they LOVE LOVE LOVE water! Granted, this Seattle heat is a good enough reason to jump into any body of water, but I know if they could, the kids would spend all week in their swim suits! 

Wednesday was a day of water. We kayaked and played water relays. Although the winds were strong, the kids raced, and paddled all around Sail Sandpoint we before played games. 

I should also add that the counselors were also particularly excited about the water games--who doesn't like water balloon fights!? 

Day 2

The campers had a fantastic field trip at Rattlesnake Lake today. The group even learned a little bit about the area they visited. Did you know the watershed supplies 65% of the Seattle region’s unfiltered drinking water to nearly 800,000 people? The lake isn't used for drinking water, and our campers from jumped right in the water after their hike! 


Day 1

Our first group of campers joins us from the Brettler community, here in Magnuson Park. We are so thrilled to kick off this summer with a fantastic group of outdoor youngsters!

Here's our very first sign in of the summer!

Some of our Brettler kids are returning campers and are practically pros at the climbing wall! Below is a picture of Abel--he didn't let the 90 degree temps stop him from tackling the course!

Most of our day consisted of indoor and outdoor climbing, swimming at the waterfront, and getting to know each other. Something I observed is how great our counselors interacted with their campers. It's a great feeling when a camper thanks you for helping them, or reaches for your hand when you're walking as a group - it's this acknowledgement of trust, and it's one of the most rewarding things to experience.

One of our youngest campers, Jonathan, found Billy just before the day ended. For those of you who don't know about Billy, he's our Summer Camp mascot. He likes kids, long tranquil kayaking trips, and grape jelly on his PB&J. He hides during the day and if campers find him, the rescuer and his group get a prize as a reward for bringing Billy home safe and sound.

Last I heard, Billy is with the group AT THIS VERY MOMENT on their field trip at Rattlesnake Lake. Check here tomorrow for pictures of the group's day and to make sure Billy wasn't left on the edge of a cliff!