Eating Healthy & Caring for Community during COVID-19: Join Thursday's web event

Join our April 9th web event "HEALTHY FOOD & FARMS DURING COVID-19." Also, explore some resources for how you can support food access efforts and farms in the Salish Sea.
Erika Lundahl Erika Lundahl
Mountaineers Books / Braided River
April 08, 2020
Eating Healthy & Caring for Community during COVID-19: Join Thursday's web event
Photo by Harley Soltes, featured in We Are Puget Sound

Spring has sprung and so has the growing season at local farms--all in the wake of the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak. The #WeArePugetSound book and campaign has been promoting different ways that people can show up to protect our environment in the Salish Sea. But we know a healthy environment requires healthy communities too.

Join our Thursday Web event: "Healthy Food and Farms During COVID-19"

Join us in a discussion how COVID 19 is impacting food security for many communities including immigrants and how farmers, fishers, shellfish growers are coping with getting products to restaurants and to people if there is no demand. What is happening to address this disparity or what is needed?


Event will featuring speakers from our partners at Washington Environmental Council, PCC Farmland Trust and World Relief Seattle. There will also be live music from Seattle musician Sheryl Wiser.

It will take all our collective action and community care to support our local farming and fishing economies that support healthy food access for all.

resources for you to eat local and participate in community care:

We must work together to tackle this pandemic just as we work side by side to address the climate change crisis and restore Puget Sound. Just as the climate impacts the most vulnerable among us, so does the viral pandemic that only exacerbates systemic inequalities like food security for people during the COVID-19 outbreak. The current pandemic is impacting consumers' ability to access food and producers' ability to provide. Let’s support our regional farmers and fishers who grow and harvest food in ways that do not negatively affect our shared waters, strengthen local economies, improve food security, and supply our community food co-ops.

Learn more about the We Are Puget Sound book and groundswell campaign here.

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