We did it! 100,000 human-powered miles!

In 2015, our members accomplished over 100,000 miles of human-powered travel on official Mountaineers trips and programs. A testament to our active membership, this (literally) shows how far you can go when you learn safe outdoor practices and join other people to enjoy the beautiful lands and waters of the Pacific Northwest.
Chris Williams Chris Williams
December 21, 2015
We did it! 100,000 human-powered miles!

As an organization, The Mountaineers just reached a huge milestone. Our members - through their collective trips - just reached the 100,000 mile mark for the year - the weekend before Christmas (our members registered about 800 miles on Mountaineers.org on 12/19 and 12/20)! That’s a lot of human-powered adventuring in 2015!  This includes 30 MILLION feet of elevation gain over all of our different activities.  

100,000 Miles

When measuring the collective distance our members have traveled with us,  The Mountaineers have logged 100,600  miles of travel in 2015 (as of 12/21/15). That means our membership has (collectively) traveled the equivalent of: 

Backpacker along the PCT in Goat Rocks Wilderness. Photo by Tim Nair

Elevation: over 30 Million feet

Sorry kayakers and sailors, but we can't credit your efforts when we look at this metric (but we know your longer nautical miles make up for it!!). Collectively, our climbers, hikers, scramblers, navigation courses, youth programs, etc. etc. etc. have accomplished 30,165,272 feet of elevation in their respective activities (as of 12/21/15)! Collectively, The Mountaineers membership has: 

Summit Photo - David Suhr

These are some impressive accomplishments! And this information is also a conservative estimate that under-reports our actual achievements because our Leaders sometimes forget to close-out their trips or update the mileage and elevation gain that took place after they are over. It is clear, however, that we get people outside in a way that few other organizations in Washington can rival. For example, by one method of calculating how many calories you would burn if you merely WALKED 100,000  miles, an average person would burn over 10,000,000 (take THAT 24 Hour Fitness)! 

How we did it

We offer a variety of activities and all of them contributed to these metrics. In terms of mileage, here are the top 5 activity leaders: 

  1. Day hikers (32,450 miles)
  2. Scramblers (23,925 miles)
  3. Climbers (18,920 miles)
  4. Sea Kayakers (7,445 - NAUTICAL - miles)
  5. Backpackers (5,500 miles)
With respect to elevation gain, here are the top 5 activities in that category: 
  1. Climbers (10,714,062 feet)
  2. Scramblers (8,639,325 feet)
  3. Day Hikers (7,799,299 feet)
  4. Backpackers (900,960 feet)
  5. Snowshoers (720,300 feet)

Congratulations to every Mountaineer for being so inspirational!

“The world's big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark.” John Muir

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Elliott Krivenko
Elliott Krivenko says:
Dec 24, 2015 12:32 PM

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