Walking the Wild: 18 Days on the John Muir Trail with Daniel Zilcsak - October 4

Are you dreaming of doing the John Muir Trail but would love help on prep and logistics? Or perhaps you've done the trail and would love to reminisce about your life-list experience with others who love the trail? Come to this fun evening event with member and professional photographer Daniel Zilcsak.
Cheryl Talbert Cheryl Talbert
Mountaineers Super Volunteer
September 16, 2017
Walking the Wild:  18 Days on the John Muir Trail with Daniel Zilcsak - October 4

The Mountaineers Walking the Wild Series celebrates extraordinary trekking and backpacking adventures by Mountaineers members with stories, photography, and information for other members to add those same experiences to their life list!

In this second evening event of compelling photo and storytelling from the wilds of the world, Daniel Zilcsak will tell the story of hiking the world famous and truly spectacular John Muir Trail.

In addition to sharing photos, Daniel will talk about how he and his wife decided to pursue such a long hike and what it takes to prepare (the permits, the gear, the food). He'll share stories about the day to day activities and what it feels like to be there in the middle of nowhere, miles away from the nearest parking lot. He'll talk about the people they met on the trail, and what they brought home in the end.

"This trip has marked me in ways that rival my most cherished memories from childhood and I could not be happier for walking it. So, come with us Along the John Muir Trail in 18 Days. ”
-- Daniel Zilcsak 

The event will be held on October 4, 2017 at The Mountaineers Seattle Program Center  Doors open at 6:30 and the event goes from 7-9pm. Wine, beer, and snacks will be available.

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