Walking the Wild: Hike the Pacific Northwest Trail with Brian Lewis - Oct 3, 2018

Dreaming of doing the distance on the Pacific Northwest Trail, one of the country's newest and most diverse National Scenic Trails? Or haven't heard of it and want to know more? Join Triple Crown hiker Brian Lewis for an evening of fantastic photos and stories from his 1200 miles on the PNT!
Cheryl Talbert Cheryl Talbert
Foothills Branch Chair & Super Volunteer
September 09, 2018
Walking the Wild:  Hike the Pacific Northwest Trail with Brian Lewis - Oct 3, 2018

In this sixth in our series of presentations by Mountaineers members from extraordinary adventures on foot in the wilds of the world, join long distance hiker Brian Lewis as he shares his photos and experiences from hiking the 1200-mile Pacific Northwest Trail!

You’ve heard about the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), but did you know that there is another National Scenic Trail that runs through Washington State? The Pacific Northwest Trail (PNT) is a 1200-mile trail that runs from the Washington Coast along the northern parts of Washington, Idaho, and Montana, up to the northeastern corner of Glacier National Park. The trail is more remote and less well maintained than the PCT.

One highlight of the trail, beyond the wonderful portions in the Olympic and Glacier National Parks, is hiking almost a hundred miles through the Pasayten wilderness. A complete hike of the PNT visits seven national forests, three national parks, connects the PCT and the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) together, and mile-for-mile is on par with the CDT for difficulty.

Along with one hiking companion, long distance hiker Brian Lewis hiked the PNT in two parts, the western third in 2014, and the eastern two-thirds in 2016. In this presentation, Brian will share photos and stories from these trips, along with a little bit about gear, preparation, splitting long trails into pieces, and some discussion about favorite parts. For those who aren’t inclined to hike all of a national scenic trail like this, it can be helpful to hear such recommendations in order to cherry pick the best parts for your own hiking trips!

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