Volunteers Needed: Course Posting Support

We're seeking a volunteer to help all of our other volunteers post courses on Mountaineers.org, one of the most onerous tasks our most active volunteers face. Read more about it here.
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March 24, 2016
Volunteers Needed: Course Posting Support

If you have time to volunteer with us via computer, you could help all of your fellow volunteers by posting courses on Mountaineers.org. When you provide this support, our volunteers will have more time to focus on curriculum and teaching techniques, which will ultimately benefit all of the students and instructors involved in the course. 

Activities & Responsibilities

This is a data-entry position that can be accomplished from home or the Seattle Program Center. We estimate the position will require at least a few hours of training by our staff, who will provide ongoing support as questions arise. Member Services staff will be available during all bookstore hours (9am-5pm M-F) to support this extremely useful volunteer role, which will require:

  • Learning the technical “ins and outs” of posting courses on The Mountaineers website for all of the varied programs across 7 branches.
  • Contacting volunteers who have submitted requests for help and making sure their goals are clear and in compliance with relevant board policies.

Support and Resources to the Position

All Mountaineers Member Services Staff will be available to provide training and answer questions for the volunteer(s) who take this large workload off of the volunteers who run our programs. 

Desired Length of Service

The Mountaineers have been offering courses for decades and we have no intention of stopping now! So this volunteer function can last as long as you remain rewarded by supporting our volunteers in this way. There will be at least a few hours of training, however, so to make this new level of service that our current staffing levels cannot provide themselves, we are asking for at least a 4-month commitment from each person who volunteers.   

  • Initial training by staff can be arranged on a mutually agreed-upon schedule.

Estimated time obligations are 2-10 hours per week depending on the volume of course requests and number of volunteers willing to take on this work. 

Qualifications Sought

  • Strong, courteous, and pleasant customer service skills.
  • A dedication to supporting Mountaineers volunteers.
  • Attention to detail and accuracy in data entry.
  • Technical coding or specialized website savviness is NOT required; however, we do want people who are COMFORTABLE interfacing with a computer and the Mountaineers.org website. 

How to apply

Please contact Member Services at if you are interested in helping out in this way. Mention the title of this volunteer position in your email. All members are encouraged to apply!

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