Volunteer Search & Rescue: Learn About These Everyday Heroes - Nov 18

Join us on Nov 18 to learn about the inner workings of the extraordinary all-volunteer King County Search & Rescue, including how they're organized, what a typical mission is like, and how they've been impacted by COVID-19.
David Bradley David Bradley
Seattle Backpacking Committee Chair
November 06, 2020
Volunteer Search & Rescue: Learn About These Everyday Heroes - Nov 18

The Pacific Northwest, especially the Puget Sound Area, is famous for its natural beauty and abundance of opportunities for outdoor recreation. Our combination of mountains, ocean, islands, rivers, and forests is unique, and has given rise over the decades to a vibrant outdoor scene that includes not just an enthusiastic community of individual adventurers, but a rich ecosystem of outdoor clubs, gear manufactures and shops, outfitters, guiding services, authors, publishers, WTA, NWAC, and of course The Mountaineers. Among the most amazing, yet least understood, contributors are the region's all volunteer Search and Rescue organizations.

Most people are surprised to learn that nearly all of our local Search and Rescue (SAR, rhymes with "far") organizations are all-volunteer. The contribution and commitment of these SAR members is extraordinary. Most have full time jobs and family, yet still make time to join rescue missions on short notice, and to complete hours of skill training and physical conditioning in order to be ready when needed. When you see in the news that "search teams" are looking for someone, or when you yourself are in dire straits and push the button on your PLB, chances are it is one of these all volunteer organizations who is answering the call. They are everyday heroes of our local outdoor community.

ariel-dog-large.jpgHelicopter Training, King County Search Dogs.

LEarn more about SAR - Nov 18

Join us on Wednesday, November 18 from 7pm-8:30pm to learn more about one of the most active local SAR organizations, King County Search and Rescue (KCSAR), from longtime Mountaineers member and KCSAR Operations Leader Erik Swanson.

Erik will share how King County SAR is organized and talk about their nine specialty units (KC Mountain Rescue, KC Search Dogs, etc.) and their typical mission profile.  Additionally, we'll learn how COVID-19 has impacted their missions, their responders, and SAR operations in general.

Participation is free, and zoom contact info will be emailed to registered participants the evening before the even. RSVP now!


ABOUT Erik Swanson

Erik on a Mountaineres trip to Mazama RidgeErik Swanson is an Operations Leader in King County  Search & Rescue, with 10 years and 250 missions worth of experience. Erik is also a Mountaineers Snowshoe, Day Hike, and Backpack leader, and is past chair of the Seattle Snowshoeing Committee.