Hit the (Urban) Trail with the Urban Trails Series

Our Urban Trails books are awesome guides to city trails and have an emphasis on easy access to the outdoors and fitness.
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October 14, 2020

Urban Trails is one of our most popular hiking series - each book features trails from one particular area. They are equally great for people visiting a new place for the first time and long-time locals looking to get to know their area even better. 

Unlike other trail guides, this series is dedicated to inclusivity and features trails for all skill types, abilities, transportation access, and specifies trails fit for families with young children and/or dogs.

We recently released two new books - Urban Trails Spokane & Coeur d'Alene and Urban Trails Vancouver, WA and are coming out with Urban Trails Sacramento in March 2021!

Every book in the Urban Trails series includes trailhead directions, "know before you go" tips for park hours and events, trail distance and high point, trailhead amenities, info for families with kids or dogs, sidebars on area history and sights, checklists for local plants and wildlife, easy to reference maps, and a key that quickly demonstrates trail suitability for specific groups. 



map 10.29.14 AM.png

We are always adding more areas to the Urban Trails series, so if we don't have the location you're looking for now, we might soon!

Here are the current Urban Trails guides we have available:


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