Upcoming Olympia Clinics and Seminars

Excited about the upcoming summer season? Join the Olympia branch as they offer online clinics and seminars this March to help you get outside.
Dee Ann Kline Parkinson Dee Ann Kline Parkinson
Olympia Hiking and Backpacking Committee Member
March 02, 2021
Upcoming Olympia Clinics and Seminars
Dee Ann Kline

It's exciting to see our courses and events opening up this year to give new members and students the experiences that we all enjoy. If you would like  to brush up on your skills and start planning your summer hikes, join Olympia Mountaineers leaders for one of our upcoming clinics or seminars.

Where Do You Want to Hike? | Mar 4
Spring and summer are coming! Are you feeling antsy and looking at all those social media posts of beautiful lakes, mountains, and vistas? Ever find yourself wondering if you can get there? This online get-together, led by Olympia Hike Leader Terri Pressly, will offer some great ideas on how to create your own lists of hikes that you want to do. Free, donation suggested. 

Beat the Heat | Mar 11 
Tips on hydration and protecting yourself from the sun when the temperatures begin to climb. This content will be applicable to all outdoors activities. Presented by Becky Andrade and Steve Payne. Free, donation suggested. 

Make it Successful | Mar 18
Olympia family hike leaders, parents, kids, and hikers will share their ideas on selecting hikes, a family 10 Essentials, clothing, packs, gear, and maps. The emphasis is on what works for kids, from toddler to teens. Kids are invited to attend and help with getting prepared for your next hike. Presented by Dixie Havlak. Free, donation suggested. 

Inreach for Newbies | Mar 19
Do you plan to purchase an InReach for your 2021 activities? Or do you own one that's still in the box? Whatever your "newbie" level is, this seminar is for anyone who wants to maximize the functionality and use of an InReach. Presented by Jennifer Goodwin, $30 for members, $40 for guests. 

Family Nature Adventures | Mar 25
During COVID-19, getting outdoors is essential for our mental health and physical health. This clinic is a brainstorm of fun family adventures in all directions from Olympia. Presented by Dixie Havlak. Free, donation suggested. 

Best Places to Backpack in Washington | Mar 30
The Olympia branch's team of experienced backpack leaders will describe their favorite backpacking locations and give recommendations for preparing for trips. Presented by the Olympia Backpacking Committee. Free, donation suggested. 

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