Two Surprise Items Added: Dee Molenaar Original Sketches and Dinner at The Herbfarm

With our online auction off to a great start, we wanted to add some more excitement into the mix with two surprise items. Remember, the auction ends on July 23, so get your bids in now!
The Mountaineers The Mountaineers
July 21, 2020
Two Surprise Items Added: Dee Molenaar Original Sketches and Dinner at The Herbfarm

What fun is an online auction without a few surprises? To stoke the fundraising fire, here are two incredible new packages we’ve added for your bidding pleasure (and don’t forget to view the other 50+ packages already in play).

Dee Molenaar Original Sketches

You might have seen that our live auction includes a beautiful watercolor of Mount Shuksan by the legendary mountaineer Dee Molenaar. If the large-format watercolor is out of your price range, we’re increasing your odds of winning another Molenaar work of art with a package that includes three original sketches of the Stuart Range (7.5" x 2.5"), the Picket Range (7.5" x 5"), and Wilmon Peak (7.5" x 5"). If you’re the lucky winner, you’ll also take home a copy of Dee’s book, The Challenge of Rainier, published by Mountaineers Books.

Dee Molenaar (June 21, 1918 – January 19, 2020) was an international mountaineering legend, Pacific Northwest hero, climber, author, geologist, and artist - his contributions to the outdoors are immeasurable. Throughout his life, Dee demonstrated great generosity, getting as much satisfaction from helping others achieve their mountain goals as he did from achieving his own. A 79-year Mountaineers member, Dee’s resume includes pioneering routes on Mount Rainier and completing the first ascent of Canadian peak Mount Kennedy with Senator Robert Kennedy.

Garden-Fresh Dining Experience at The Herbfarm

The Herbfarm.jpeg

Enjoy one of the best farm-to-table dining experiences in the PNW with a $200 gift certificate to The Herbfarm. For much of the year, The Herbfarm's kitchen gardens and nearby farm supply the restaurant with an ever-changing harvest of common and unusual produce. Each nine-course dinner is served with five or six matched wines that draw inspiration from the rhythms of the season.

Bring the farm-to-table philosophy home to your own harvest with hand-stitched goat leather work gloves from Vermont Glove. This pair of gloves will stand up to the toughest tasks with double-walled palm construction for durability where it matters. Then, use every last bit of your home harvest with guidance from Mountaineers Books title Scraps, Peels, and Stems. This book shows how to produce less kitchen waste through practical strategies, tips, and advice on food purchasing, prep, composting, and storage.

Don’t forget to snap a selfie for your chance to win a $50 gift certificate to Anthony’s Restaurants. Get online and take a snap in the theme of “All Dressed Up, Nowhere To Go.” Bonus points if you can incorporate a little adventure into your photo submission - you may even see yourself during the live broadcast.

Bidding is open NOW until July 23. If you’d like to be on the list to receive the link for the full-feature keynote presentation featuring Jimmy Chin, Lynn Hill, Tom Hornbein, and more, and don’t want to register for the auction, you can register for free online. Bookmark our YouTube channel and we’ll send out the link again on July 23. Please reach out to Tyler Dunning at with any questions. This auction is for everyone - so tell all your friends!