Two Key Washington State Public Lands Bills Advance in Senate

Good news for the Mountains to Sound Greenway and the Methow Valley! Bills to protect these landscapes passed through the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.
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April 11, 2017
Two Key Washington State Public Lands Bills Advance in Senate
A hiker explores the Mountains to Sound Greenway

A bill to designate the Mountains to Sound Greenway as a National Heritage Area and another to safeguard the Methow Valley from mining made it out of Senate committee hearings. The action brings two treasured Washington landscapes one step closer to being recognized and protected. Now, the many champions of these lands and waters will call on Congress to pass the bills into law. 

Thanks to all of you who have joined The Mountaineers in advocating for these causes! We've encouraged you to write letters and sign petitions to conserve these places - your voices have played an important role in this work. 

Mountains to Sound Greenway Designation

Washington leaders on both sides of the aisle came together to reintroduce legislation that would designate the vast Mountains to Sound Greenway, spanning from Seattle to central Washington, as a National Heritage Area. The designation would improve collaboration in land management and promote economic growth and tourism in the region. Thank you Senators Cantwell and Murray for reintroducing the Senate bill, and thank you Representative Reichert for reintroducing the house bill. Also, thanks to Representatives Smith, Jayapal, and DelBene for signing on as co-sponsors! 

If you're a Washingtonian, you have two Senators, and possibly a Congressperson, working hard to conserve this landscape. Take a moment to share your appreciation using the easy action tool below.


A quick look at the Greenway by the numbers:

1.5 million acres of public and private land, 126,000 acres of wilderness, 469 river miles, and 1,600 miles of trail. It’s an outdoor recreation paradise, home to whitewater rafting, backcountry skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking, and views of the stunning Cascade Crest.

Learn more about Mountains to Sound Greenway and The Mountaineers’ involvement in the designation process.

Methow Headwaters Act 

Senators Cantwell and Murray introduced the Methow Headwaters Protection Act of 2017. The bill calls for a permanent "mineral withdrawal" to protect 340,000 acres of the Valley’s treasured and sensitive public lands. Saying no to mining means saying yes to protecting the region’s waters, working landscapes, and recreation economy. Located in the eastern foothills of the North Cascades, the area’s towering peaks and weaving tributaries offer world class adventuring. Thank you Senators Cantwell and Murray for your work to protect this valley and the experiences it provides!

If you're a Washingtonian, take a moment to share your appreciation with Senators Cantwell and Murray using the easy action button below.

Thank You - Methow Valley

Learn more about the Methow Headwaters and The Mountaineers’ involvement in protecting this landscape and the world-class recreation opportunities it offers.

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Bill Coady
Bill Coady says:
Apr 20, 2017 12:53 PM

Great work on the part of the Mountaineers staff! Thanks, Bill