Two Film Nights planned for later in 2014

The Foothills Branch is working on offering two special film events for later in the year.
Debra Wick Debra Wick
April 29, 2014
Two Film Nights planned for later in 2014

The first will be a “Continental Divide Trail Film Fest” that will feature two full-length documentary films about hiking the CDT, America’s longest (at 3,100 miles from Montana to New Mexico) and most challenging long-distance trail.

One of the two films we are planning to show is “Embrace The Brutality” a new documentary by Shane "Jester" O'Donnell. More raw, rugged, and remote than the better known Appalachian and Pacific Crest Trails, the CDT is a challenge for any backpacker.  Jester's CDT documentary wonderfully shows the challenges of the trail, but also the beauty, the joy, and the camaraderie found on a journey of the CDT. 

The other film will is a documentary by Francis Tapon, world-famous long distance hiker, titled “The Continental Divide Trail Yo-Yo.” A yo-yo thru hike is a round-trip trek – this video documents Tapon’s 6,200 mile round trip of the CDT  IN  2007, the first time that amazing feat was accomplished. The 77-minute video is something of a slideshow on steroids. The film pans across hundreds of photos and dozens of video clips, and puts it all to energetic and inspiring music. 

The second film night will be a Seattle-area premier of a film “Antarctica – A Year On Ice.” A Year On Ice is a visually stunning film that lets you experience what it is like to live in Antarctica for a full year, including winters isolated from the rest of the world, while enduring months of darkness in the harshest place on Earth. Filmmaker Anthony Powell has been working in Antarctica with his wife Christine for many years. After over 10 years of filming, the film is now complete. It is currently playing at festivals around the world, winning multiple awards. Anthony has had his work appear in numerous films, exhibits, and TV shows. He most recently featured in the Emmy Award winning BBC series Frozen Planet. This is his first feature film. 

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