Train to Become a Host at Mt Baker Lodge: Dec 27-28 or 30-31

Mt Baker Lodge invites Mountaineers to train to host the lodge, on December 27-28, or December 30-31. Trainings will run from 5-8pm one evening and 6-8am the following morning. Includes a free night’s stay.
Michael Wynne-Jones Michael Wynne-Jones
Mount Baker Host
December 14, 2017
Train to Become a Host at Mt Baker Lodge: Dec 27-28 or 30-31

Those who have loved and been inspired by the Mt Baker Lodge community can give back at last! You can train to become a lodge host. Trainings include a free night stay. They run from 5-8pm one evening and 6-8am the following morning. Choose between our Dec 27-28 or Dec 30-31 offerings.

The committee at Mt Baker Lodge is keen to bring in new hosts, with new ideas to carry the community of our historic lodge into the future. So many Mountaineers and friends have enjoyed the hospitality of the lodge and benefited from this incredible opportunity to stay on the mountain while pursuing winter and summer adventures. Now there is an opportunity to give back. This is an open invitation to new hosts to come join the community, bring in new ideas, and give back through offering your own hospitality.

Hosting at Mt Baker is fun, not too difficult, and need not get in the way of you enjoying the mountain yourself! The key skills are social awareness, making sure the group of up to 60 guests gets along well, and stepping up to help as required. Hosts should also have organizational ability with respect to catering (guests do the work - you have to organize!), and technical ability to understand and run the systems for water, propane, power, heat, and light.

Typically hosts work in pairs with one "mechanical" lead and one "catering" lead. A family or best buddies work well, as you have to work well together, but there are also hosting "couples" who only see each other at Mt Baker.  Any combination can work. We are also actively looking for people who will combine hosting with their own mountain adventures - we have relied on the generosity of retirees for too long.

The host of the host training is me, Mike Wynne-Jones. I, along with Isobel Coney and three kids, began hosting in 2017. I'm keen to bring in more new, young folks with great ideas. We will structure the training over an evening and a morning session, and have you free to go out into the snow soon after 8am.  Anyone signing up to co-host or shadow-host during January – May 2018 will qualify for an extra night’s free stay.

All enquiries can be directed to MtBakerLodge@Gmail.Com

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