Trail Maintenance Opportunities to Help You Give Back

Interested in trail maintenance? Want to become a stewardship leader? Participate in one of these upcoming classes to learn more!
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January 20, 2017
Trail Maintenance Opportunities to Help You Give Back

Our Everett Lookout and Trail Maintenance Committee (LOTM), a “get it done” group that maintains historic fire lookouts and trails and participates in events like National Trails Day, is a great community for anyone looking to get outside and make a difference. In the coming months, 30-year member and stewardship rock star, Louie Coglas, will offer several opportunities to give back to our wild places. Open to anyone who wants to participate!

Basic Trail Maintenance Class - Lord Hill Park

Feb 18 OR APRIL 8

Learn the techniques, tools, and safety tips to help steward our trails. This is a great way to get introduced to the rewards of trail maintenance, while also exploring Lord Hill Regional Park, which features 1,453 acres wilderness.

FEB 18

APril 8

Trail Maintenance Crew Leader Class - Lord Hill Park

Mar 11 or 13

Volunteer leaders are key to The Mountaineers stewardship mission. As Louie puts it, “It’s good to see so many folks wanting to help out, but to get all these participants working as a crew in a safe manner with proper techniques, we need leaders.” This class will teach participants how to lead trail maintenance crews, how to walk a trail and recognize maintenance issues, and how to give safety and tool talks.

Mar 11 Sign UpMar 13 Sign Up

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Louis Coglas
Louis Coglas says:
Jan 30, 2017 08:13 AM

Thank you all for paricipating in stewardship and becoming Crew Leaders.
Upcoming classes: Basic Trail Maintenance Class; Sat.Feb 18/ Sat. April 8
Crew Leader Class; Sat March 11/ Sat. May 13. Sign up on the Mountaineers Web site.