Top 10 Trip Reports - February 2024

Each month, we sort through all your trip reports. Then, we pick our favorites and celebrate them here! Read on for our favorites from February 2024.
Bayley Stejer Bayley Stejer
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March 01, 2024
Top 10 Trip Reports - February 2024
Photo by Isley Gao.

A collection of trip reports that gives us much more than we bargained for. Read on, dear friends, for a tale of two trips, professional pizza chomping, a handsomely warm ascent, and a skosh too little snow.  

Winter Scramble - Baldy via Slide Camp - 2/3

TR 1 II.jpeg"A solitary (and exploratory) mountain day with lush rain forests, a wild river, gorgeous vistas, soaring alpine slopes, and a high-end workout." -Dave Morgan

A trip report of mist and moss and micro-spikes. Tune in to an enjoyable and experimental winter scramble of Baldy via Slide Camp.

Intermediate Alpine Climb - Guye Peak/South Gully - 2/3

TR 2.png"A challenging early-season mixed climb with an involved descent." -Isley Gao

Highlights from this trip report include low avy risk, dry feet, and the happiest summit photo you ever did see. Read on for a rewarding and relieving alpine climb of Guye Peak

Backcountry Ski/Snowboard - Brian Waddington Hut - 2/4

TR 3.jpeg"We had very enjoyable skiing above the hut and sunny and calm conditions allowing for  relaxed touring." -Randy Oakley

A hut trip of calm conditions, fantastic group dynamics, and exceeded expectations. What more could one ask for? (Well... maybe a skosh more snow, but only if we're being picky.)

Winter Scramble - McClure Rocks and The Sugarloaf - 2/4

TR 4.jpeg"This was a great trip with good team dynamics and a lot of opportunity to practice winter snow skills and decision making." -Sherrie Trecker 

A trip report as sweet as a sugarloaf! 

Backpacking - Patagonia's Torres del Paine O Circuit - 2/7

TR 10 II.png"Ten fantastic days trekking the O Circuit in Patagonia's Torres del Paine." -Colin Chapman

Read on for the pure glory of the Torres del Paine National Park. This trip report walks you through ten days of photos and information on the infamous O Circuit, making you drool and leaving nothing to be desired (besides maybe trekking there yourself). 

Stewardship - Tolmie State Park - 2/8

TR 5.jpeg"The entire trail system is now free of hiking obstacles that the heavy weather brought down." -Jim French

A day of sawing, raking debris, rolling logs, and brushing back vegetation at Tolmie State Park. A big thanks to the Mountaineers crew members for their efforts to clear and successfully reopen the trail. Y'all are off the chain! 

Intermediate Snowshoe - Mazama Ridge - 2/10

TR 6.jpeg"Snow conditions were perfect for snowshoeing, powder on top of a compact base. Someone broke trail ahead of us. No complaints." -Barbara Folmer 

A photo-happy, uncrowded, and handsomely warm ascent of Mazama Ridge that will have you strapping on your snowshoes and boogieing down to Rainer before spring.  

Winter Scramble - Satulick Mountain - 2/17

TR 7.jpeg"A great day in the mountains with almost perfect conditions..." -Dave Morgan

Read on for so-so views, a case of the wobblies, and (most importantly) professional, hands-free pizza chomping that lead to full bellies and a successful summit of Satulick Mountain

Winter Scramble - Cowlitz Gap & Rocks - 2/19

TR 8.jpeg"Upon reaching the ridge, it was snowing, often sideways, with lots of blowing snow and extremely poor visibility..." -Louise Suhr 

Tune in to a  winter scramble at Cowlitz Gap & Rocks whose sideways snow, brisk wind, and sudden sunshine could only truly be considered a tale of two trips.  

Essential Sea Kayak Skills - Concrete Beach - 2/24

TR 9.jpeg"A busy morning on the water." -Barbara Motteler 

Join this crew for a day on the water and learn essential sea kayaking skills including the history and Indigenous uses of kayaks in Greenland. 

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