Top 10 Trip Reports - April 2024

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Bayley Stejer Bayley Stejer
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May 01, 2024
Top 10 Trip Reports - April 2024
Photo by Michael Nanney.

April... It was the best of months, it was the worst of months. Read on, dear friends, for occasional chaos, butt-scraping fun, superior starts, few redeeming qualities, and the promise to never return. Oh, and two straggling March trip reports that you'll be grateful we didn't let go unnoticed.

Winter Scramble - Songbird Peak - 3/31

TRApr12.jpeg"This was a fun scramble with a lot of interesting rock features." -Paul Kallmann 

Join this crew as they close out March with a terrifically tricky scramble of Songbird Peak

Backcountry Ski - Mt. St. Helens - 3/31

TRApr3.jpeg"Great weather, gorgeous views, and horrible skiing on Mt. St. Helens!" -Michael Nanney

Settle in for the bone-rattling, but strangely fun tour of Mt. St. Helens that will have you slapping your skins on one last time before summer comes knocking. 

Rock Climb - Exit 38 - 4/1

TRApr1II.jpeg"Great, short evening of single pitch cragging." - Gabie Mathiesen

A classic evening of single pitch at Exit 38, featuring dry rocks and a friendly reminder to not let your stick clip get too far away. 

Day Hike - Dirty Harry's Peak Trail - 4/5

TRApr5.jpeg"One of the prettiest trails on the I-90 corridor."  -Roseanne Lorenzana 

A day hike of Dirty Harry's with light snow fall and soggy trillium aka tell tale signs of spring.

Sea Kayak - Tacoma Narrows - 4/7

TRApr6.jpeg"All paddlers performed very well with excellent group dynamics." -Lisa Johnson

Highlights of this sea kayak include hot food, a change of plans, occasional chaos, a record-breaking paddle, and top notch group dynamics on the Tacoma Narrows. 

Whitewater Packraft - Middle Fork Snoqualmie River - 4/13

TRApr7.jpeg"Group dealt well with some complicated swims." -Alex Bond

A paddle of bony, challenging, butt-scraping fun on the Middle Fork Snoqualmie

Winter Scramble - Moolock Mountain - 4/13

TRApr8.jpeg"Successful winter scramble of Moolock mountain... with bicycle approach and snowshoe to the saddle and summit." -John Dinh

One thing I am absolutely sure of: a bike approach will always be the superior start to any scramble. Tune in for slushy snow and smooth descents at Moolock Mountain

Day Hike - Rattlesnake Ledge - 4/17

TRApr9.jpeg"We had a pleasant time enjoying the view and dinner at the ledge."  -Barbara Folmer

Read on for dinner with a view, hiking the tried and true trail to Rattlesnake Ledge.

Whitewater Packraft - White River - 4/20

TRApr10.jpeg"What started out as a splendid day on the river turned into a long slog with several unpleasant nuisances on the lower half." -Logan DeGrand

Lowlights of this paddle include several hazards, a very braided river, three portages, early swimmers, few redeeming qualities, and the promise to never again run Buckley to Auburn.  

Whitewater Packraft - White River - 4/27

TRApr11.jpeg"A fun outing worth repeating." -Logan DeGrand

A trip report of redemption. Come whet your appetite for class III rapids on White River. 

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