This Handhold Was Not So Solid

Gothic Peak Scramble - Well, it "looked" like a solid tree so I did a double-hand grab.
David Shema David Shema
January 12, 2015
This Handhold Was Not So Solid

August 10, Gothic Peak (Barlow Pass)

Near the bottom of the summit block on Gothic Peak, the last scrambler in line fell a short distance and hurt her side.

I basically had a double hand hold on what appeared to be a solid tree, but in fact was a loose branch.

I obviously did not test it well enough before committing.  It came loose in my hands, resulting in a slip and contact with the down-sloping rock ledge. I then slid a foot or so before regaining a solid grip.

I broke one finger nail (which I repaired with clippers from my first aid kit) and have some minor abrasions, and bruised ribs on the right side. 

I took some Aleve anti-inflammatory from my first aid kit and then used a zip lock and some snow to create an ice pack which I applied as soon as I descended to a snow field.

I have complete normal range of motion, with some noticeable discomfort with certain movements (large steps or balance challenges). Coughing and sneezing are seriously uncomfortable. Other than that, I am fine.

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