The Show Will Go On! The Sound of Music No Longer Locked Out

Last Friday, The Mountaineers filed a motion in federal court seeking a temporary restraining order after being locked out of access to Kitsap Forest Theater by the Keta Legacy Foundation. We are pleased to share with our community the news that our motion was granted by the court, and The Sound of Music will open this weekend as planned!
Tom Vogl Tom Vogl
Mountaineers CEO
May 24, 2023
The Show Will Go On! The Sound of Music No Longer Locked Out
The Mountaineers Kitsap Forest Theater.

Updated February 16, 2024: The final piece of litigation between The Mountaineers and Keta Legacy Foundation has been formally settled out of court this week. LEARN MORE.

Last week we shared the disappointing news that the Keta Legacy Foundation (Keta) took steps to restrict our access to the Kitsap Forest Theater by installing locks on the access road and a parking area, threatening the opening of our production of The Sound of Music and potentially our entire 100th anniversary season. The Mountaineers filed an emergency motion in federal court seeking a temporary restraining order to regain access to the theater. This morning our motion was granted. The court  ruled in our favor, barring Keta from interfering with our historical access to the theater during the production season. A copy of the court’s order can be found here. The show will go on! 

We are grateful for the outpouring of support from our community this past week. The cast and crew of The Sound of Music have been working tirelessly for months to put on this production only to have the opening weekend of the show be threatened by Keta’s actions last week. We recognize this has caused anxiety for our wonderful performers, volunteers, and audience. The news this morning that the court ruled in our favor will now allow our opening show this Sunday, May 28, to proceed as planned. 

In addition to its opening on May 28, The Sound of Music will also run May 29, June 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, and 18. Kitsap Forest Theater’s second production of its 100th anniversary season will be Seussical The Musical with shows taking place on July 29, 30, August 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, and 20, also at 2:00 pm. Kitsap Forest Theater is a beautiful, natural amphitheater, just a 15 minute drive from the Bremerton Ferry. You can find more information about Kitsap Forest Theater and this summer’s productions on our website. We hope many people from our community will come out to enjoy the shows this summer and to help us celebrate the 100th anniversary of the theater.  

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Ann Marshall
Ann Marshall says:
May 24, 2023 06:43 PM

Thanks for this update. Our family is looking forward to this summer’s shows—as we have for decades.

Tyler Freeman
Tyler Freeman says:
May 26, 2023 07:39 PM

Is it true that the Mountaineers have not stayed on trail but failed to protect the preserve in some way? The bad blood between the two of you seems to stem from here