Olympic National Park and The Mountaineers

The Olympic Peninsula has been one of our most treasured playgrounds since the very beginning of our organization.
Katherine Hollis Katherine Hollis
February 22, 2016
Olympic National Park and The Mountaineers

Think back to a time when you stood in the middle of an old growth forest or looked out over an expanse of uninterrupted wild country. Didn't it just feel... right? Make you feel small? Make you feel whole? Content?

With 11,300 members, The Mountaineers is defining a modern conservation movement and stewarding a 109-year legacy of public lands and waters conservation leadership in the Pacific Northwest.

One of the earliest and longest-lasting of the club's conservation efforts led to the creation of a National Park in the Olympics: 

first conservation

The Olympic Peninsula continues to be an integral piece of The Mountaineers’ soul: from conservation education to stewardship and advocacy, here are the many, many, many ways we love the Olympics!

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