The Mountaineers Joins the Public Lands Pledge

Join us and our Outdoor Alliance partners in speaking up for the value of public lands and waters for all by signing the Public Lands Pledge.
The Mountaineers The Mountaineers
November 15, 2019
The Mountaineers Joins the Public Lands Pledge

Love for our public lands and waters is the heart of our Mountaineers community, and we work to protect these landscapes and make them accessible to everyone. We encourage you to join us and many other outdoor enthusiasts across the country in signing the pledge to protect national public lands and waters.

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The Mountaineers supports this vision for our outdoor spaces. We want them to be cared for, appreciated, and available to all, and this pledge extends the vision past our PNW backyard, to entirety of public lands of the United States: 

We hike, bike, boat, climb, ski, and surf. We don’t witness the great outdoors—we live it. We experience the splendor of summits scraping the sky, turquoise rivers running wild, and valleys teeming with wildlife.

We demand a healthy and well-managed public lands system that is the envy of the world. Where rural communities are vibrant recreation hubs, people in urban areas gather in greenways, and vast backcountry territories are protected for our children, children’s children, and the next 100 generations. We demand that special places remain special. We demand clean air, clean water, and a renaissance of livability across America. 

And we are not alone. Even as partisanship dominates the news, Americans have one thing in common: we agree that our public lands are important. Parks are loved by all. More Americans play outdoors every year than vote in presidential elections. Outside of the halls of Congress, these issues are not partisan, not blue or red or green. They are American values, universal desires, and basic human rights.

Together as an outdoor community, we are powerful, and we have a responsibility to stand up to protect public lands and waters. We will not be divided. Together we can achieve our vision of a system of protected public lands that works for everyone, not just a handful of entrenched interests. 

As Mountaineers, we know the recreational community has a critical stake in protecting public lands and the experiences they provide. Time and again, you've responded to the call to action and protected the outdoor experience. That’s why we are a part of Outdoor Alliance: a coalition to help amplify your voice and help you advocate effectively for the places you play. 

We encourage you to sign the pledge today to stand up for the future of public lands and waters, for the belief that we can do better in protecting the places we love, and to build a world we’re excited to live in and explore.

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