The Mountaineers Gear Library Orientation Signups

Learn more about our Gear Library and how you can get involved! We have virtual orientations coming up on August 16th.
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March 14, 2019
The Mountaineers Gear Library Orientation Signups

The Mountaineers’ Gear Library is deeply committed to helping everyone explore the outdoors. Since launching in August 2018, we have partnered with local youth-serving agencies in a joint effort to increase access and to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the outdoors.

Want to get involved? Email us at 

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What is a Gear Library?

The Gear Library has a vast range of clothing and boot sizes, from Youth Size 8 - Adult XXXL. We also have outdoor gear for hiking, car camping, backpacking, and snowshoeing. It is available for youth and adult groups to borrow, as well as Mountaineers members. For youth and adult groups, we also offer activity specific training.  We've partnered with the Washington Trails Association (WTA) to provide training for adventuring outside with youth participants. WTA offers hiking, car camping, backpacking, and snowshoeing leadership trainings. The Mountaineers offers a cross-country ski training.  

A Successful Launch

Since our launch in August 2018 we are proud to say that over 1000 individual youth participants have adventured outdoors with our gear. There has been a lot of snowshoeing and exploring national parks. We can't wait for spring -  warm weather hiking, car camping, and backpacking trips!

Get Involved

Are you interested in taking your group outside or borrowing gear for yourself and your family? Become part of the Gear Library community! 

  • Step 1: Take our online Mountaineers Gear Library Orientation
  • Step 2 for organized groups: If you are a group leader, gain experience leading people outdoors! This can mean either completing a WTA Outdoor Leadership Workshop , attending a Mountaineers Outdoor Leadership Workshop or becoming a Mountaineers leader, if you aren't already.
  • Step 3: Check out gear!

Visit our Gear Library page for more information.

Email us!

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