We All Have Something to Give

It’s not just about first ascents or naming rights. It’s about what we give back. We all have something to contribute. Your year-end gift to The Mountaineers builds a new generation of people who live best through adventure and find purpose in sharing their expertise and protecting the places they love.
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December 06, 2017

It’s not just about first ascents or naming rights. It’s about how you give back. 

Fred Beckey was a living legend, and we were honored to celebrate his life at the Seattle Program Center last weekend. More than 400 people flew in from around the world and across the country to join us. It was a fitting tribute for a world-class pioneer.

Fred charted a course, literally, on thousands of climbs that we continue to follow today. He chronicled and documented these exploits. He was a scholar of the hills, mentoring younger climbers and challenging us to go to new places. And, of course, he climbed relentlessly, most often out of the back of his pink Ford Thunderbird.

Dirtbag? We would like to qualify that. Fred gave back enormously, inspiring generations with his chronicles of history and climbing guides.

Each of us will be remembered not only for our exploits—but for what we give back.

When you give to The Mountaineers, you support volunteers who teach and mentor. You fund programs that set the standard for outdoor education and volunteer leadership. You help us chronicle the stories of heroes like Fred Beckey, creating a community that stretches across more than hundred years of history.

We all have something to contribute.

Please, make your gift today.




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