Tundra and Tall Buildings

Seth Kantner explains how living with nature differs from using nature to accommodate lifestyles completely removed from it.
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February 15, 2018
Tundra and Tall Buildings

"I just got back from a quick trip to the land of a thousand roads and zero caribou: New York City. It messed up my head. I've spent too much time on the land — a lot of it alone, talking only to myself — to adjust overnight to that blizzard of people and traffic, sirens and signs and stink and noise. My inability to live life through my iPhone made it worse. Apparently, half a century of learning not to get lost on the tundra has little value. What matters now is not to be virtually lost."

This paragraph is from an essay by author Seth Kantner (Swallowed by the Great Land) recently published in the Alaska Daily News. Seth grew up in a sod-built homestead in Alaska and still spends much of his time in the state's wide-open spaces. In his essay, Seth reflects on the difference between living with nature compared to relying on it's resources to maintain a lifestyle that is physically thousands of miles removed from it.

Seth's writing is poetic and his voice is authentic. Read his full article "A trip to New York reminded me what’s worth fighting for in Alaska."

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